Belkin NetCam Wireless IP Cam Review

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belkin netcam wirelessThe Belkin Net Cam Wireless is a compact camera in the 100 dollar range and packs quite a few good features. The first thing that impresses you of course is its sleek build. When you have been tired of looking at a hundred similar looking IP cameras, along comes this Net cam which stands out in the looks department.

The camera offers a reasonable, but not outstanding, feature set like good picture quality, remote monitoring on your Smartphone, night vision, and motion detection.

The camera is easy to setup if you follow the instructions. Just connect to your Wi-Fi (no need to use a Ethernet cable at all) and login to your Belkin account to get going.

The physical setup of the camera is fairly convenient. All accessories come along with the camera .The Belkin NetCam has a fully adjustable ball joint and a sturdy wall mount built into the base.

Features and Pros

The camera offers HD picture quality.

Remote monitoring is possible. Use any Android or Iphone to view the feed. You would need a mobile app to view your feed on a Smartphone.

Motion Detection is supported. The camera clicks images of any activity in a predefined zone and sends you pictures by email.

Video recording: You have an option to record a video of your feed and then save it on to your device. This  is a feature which is not there in most other IP cameras for which you can record videos only through the web interface .The video is recorded in the MP4 format.

Audio: audio is 1 way but works well and is clear.

Night Vision: The infrared night vision allows recording at the night and in low light conditions.8 Infra red lights surround the camera lens.

Wide field of view: The camera offers 80 degree of field of view which is quite convenient .The adequate viewing area helps to get a better view of the room. Additionally you can adjust the view with the use of the swivel base.

The camera comes equipped with a long power cable comes as a blessing in many ways, because it doesn’t limit your choices for a place to install the camera.

Notable Cons

belkin netcam viewerA big disappointment with the camera is that the picture quality gets reduced if you use a higher resolution. Hopefully Belkin will fix this in future upgrades.

Another big letdown is that the Wi-Fi strength of the camera is pretty poor. If you place the camera at some distance from your router, the signal starts dropping.

No Pan, Tilt or Zoom option is a big, big negative. However, you do have adequate viewing angle (80 degrees) which is considerably larger than most other IP cameras in the range. The large FOV does allow you to view a larger section of the room.’

The lack of 2way audio is also a letdown. 2 way audio, or the ability to transmit sound to your device remotely, is standard on most comparable cameras.


The compact built of the camera makes discreet monitoring easy, and the camera is fairly simple for beginers

However, the Belkin NetCam Wireless IP Camera lacks a handful of features that should otherwise be considered standard on other devices at a comparable price range. If you are looking for a very simple camera that needs to only watch one area (like a baby crib) this is still a reasonable option.

We would suggest reading more customer reviews on Amazon here.


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